Error creating relationship

I receive the error message “Database failure. Please refer to sugarcrm.log for details” after clicking save and deploy when creating a relationship. I was attempting to create a one to many relationship between the accounts module and a custom module named “Product Information”.
I see 2 things wrong with the insert query found in the log; the value to be inserted into the field “join_key_rhs” is 65 characters. The field is defined as nchar(64). Also the value for relationship_type is “many to many” which is incorrect. I am using Sql Server 2008

From the log:
09/16/14 11:43:33 [788][939d0275-f1f3-38a2-3bac-53fb284fe4ff][FATAL] Query Failed:INSERT into relationships (id,relationship_name,lhs_module,lhs_table,lhs_key,rhs_module,rhs_table,rhs_key,join_table,join_key_lhs,join_key_rhs,relationship_type) values (N’16dfe4e0-b318-c185-72b3-54185a2d2c50’,N’accounts_prdin_product_information_1’,N’Accounts’,N’accounts’,N’id’,N’PrdIn_Product_Information’,N’prdin_product_information’,N’id’,N’accounts_prdin_product_information_1_c’,N’accounts_prdin_product_information_1accounts_ida’,N’accounts_prdin_product_information_1prdin_product_information_idb’,N’many-to-many’)::: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]String or binary data would be truncated.

There are also several of the following error:
09/16/14 13:28:04 [2968][a1c44b41-c4b8-5572-0fe3-53fb28434ff8][FATAL] Query Failed:SELECT * FROM config where name = N’module_twitter’ and value = 1;::: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ‘`’.

Did you try a rebuild relationships and then a quick repair and rebuild from the admin panel? Also it could be related to file permissions.

Tried the repair, no luck. Also I have full permissions to the suite folders and the sql database. I assume I can change the size of the column that is causing the insert to fail but that still doesn’t explain why the one to many relationship is being created as many to many. Unless there is something I am missing, it seems the sql insert statement is being created incorrectly.

Update: I created a relationship between contacts and a simple test module I had created. I was able to create the relationship but it is still designated as “many-to-many” in the relationships table.
I added some dummy data for 2 different contacts. It does appear that the correct data is staying with the correct contact. Perhaps the relationship type field in the relationships table doesn’t really affect the functionality.

I’m thinking of increasing the size of the field that is causing the sql error and moving on. Could that cause any problems? I suppose I could also rename the module to something shorter?