Error: Could not copy file cache

Latest version I get:
Could not copy file cache/upgrades/temp/tbOnbn/./upgrade/scripts/fr_FR.lang.php to /home/crm/public_html/./upgrade/scripts/fr_FR.lang.php

Any idea?

I did verify all permissions and they cannot be more open, no help, cannot delete the fr pack in the module section either. Very patchy framework had to guess almost everything. Spent hours searching the super wide internet as well as here and nothing. No info on best pratice setting up apache for SuiteCRM , MFM mode or else, or mod_php or else etc. This makes setting the right security context very problematic.

I am prety sure most problems come from this obscurity on proper dev and dep enviroment settings.

Anyway, back to language pack, anybody already spent a weel on it?


Can you provide some details?

On the language:

  • Is SuiteCRM working when using the english language?
  • When (actions/Step to reproduce) did you get that error on language?
  • How did you installed the language? (see tutorial in my signature)
  • Did you get the latest language pack version from Crowdin (v.

On your system:

  • System, PHP, MySQL versions ?
  • Is it a fresh install from SuiteCRM version 7.8.2 ?

Found it.

I had to set to mod_php apache module mode with apache as the user instead of the account owner. Then to chown -R all fies in the docroot where suitecrm is installed. Restarted apache and it worked.

Now I am stuggling with Marketing Campaign with no doc.