Error al relacionar registros a través de API REST

** Version 7.11.13 **
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
API v4_1

I want to relate an account with a module record that I create, I already defined the relationships in the crm is “one to many”, in the crm it works without problem but when trying to do it through the REST API it is not being saved.

$ set_entry_parameters_account = array (
    // session ID
    "session" => $ session_id,
    // The name of the module from which to retrieve records.
    "module_name" => "Accounts",
    // Attribute record
    "name_value_list" => array ('id' => 'e2ff1638-f4db-1cc9-330c-5f286cc1ab58',
                                'accounts_cat_sitio_1cat_sitio_idb' => '359d0946-35e8-13e7-94e7-5f24b6afe875',
                                'portunity_id' => 'cddadf96-c1a7-1073-fd88-5f29e83fc049'
$ set_entry_result_account = call ("set_entry", $ set_entry_parameters_account, $ url);
print_r ($ set_entry_parameters_account);

This is the example of my code, the relationship of opportunity with account if it is being saved, but that of account with site is not.

occasion_id = If it works.
accounts_cat_sitio_1cat_sitio_idb = Does not work

I have already checked in the database and the field has the same name, also in the MetaData that keeps the relationship.

I want to believe that there is surely a problem with a file or permission, but I don’t know where to go to look.

If you could help me.