Error - After upgrade SuiteCRM from 8.4.0 to 8.5.0 "Help" not opening in Knowledge Base editor and it's not displaying any messages when we click the button

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Is it similar issue?

Doesn’t appear to be the same issue. My issue was the “help text” added to a field that popped up when the field was moused over when creating an account, contact, or opportunity. The help text does not appear on mouse over.

We find this feature extremely helpful for new people to let them know exactly how to format the entry into the field or what exactly goes into the field. Based on above comments the issue I am dealing with is known and a fix is to be implemented in the future. Thanks very much for the followup.

If you find open issue link on GitHub for it, please share here.

That seems to be the one:

(at least for the studio help text)