Error 500 colourSelector.php

I have the latest version 7.10.7 installed and allo permissions are correct:

sudo chmod -R 755 .
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

All pages gives error 500 (Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 Internal Server Error) when loading the file colorSelector.php in the line:

It does not give error to open, because it does not get to load it, I have even deleted the code and left it blank and keeps giving error.

Tthe tag HTMLt uses is: <link rel = “stylesheet” type = “text / css” … to open a stylesheet when open src is a php file, could be the problem??

I have searched the forum and github but I can not find any solution.

Thank you

You just mention the chmods, where is the chown? Are you sure ownership is correct? It should match the user name that your web server is using.

Also, please check php_errors.log (or whatever your web server log is called) for any messages.

Ownership and permissions are correct…

Apache log does not show an error 500 but a 404 error - - [20/Jun/2018:17:38:38 +0200] “GET /themes/SuiteP/css/colourSelector.php HTTP/1.1” 404 - “” “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/67.0.3396.87 Safari/537.36”

Error because not founnd colourSelector.php but exist yes.

The error is here:


That error is a good clue.

But that wasn’t the log I meant. I meant the PHP errors log, usually called php_errors.log. It’s a good idea if you find it, it will be useful going forward.

I do think you have a permissions problem. I have debugged hundreds of permissions issues on these forums, and let me tell you, sometimes they are quite weird and far from obvious.

These are the factors that go into accessing a file:

  • file ownership
  • file permissions
  • user name running the web server
  • one or more .htaccess files

And for file and directory creation, these additional factors:

  • umask
  • SetUID and SetGID bits on parent directory

I have changed the permissions for the last time and does not give the error.

Thank you very much