Environment override for installation?

I’m trying to install SuiteCRM (v7.11.20) on a hosting provider with no shell access.

The directory location is abstracted by whatever system the hosting provider is using, and it appears that the getcwd() call in install.php is returning the actual physical location of the installation directory rather than the abstracted DocumentRoot required. (A phpinfo() call returns the “correct” abstracted values for DOCUMENT_ROOT, etc.)

As a result, the install scripts are built with paths which end up failing during the installation.

Is there some way to override the detected location using config_override.php or a custom installation hook?

Why is it a problem that the getcwd() returns an absolute path? As long as the file operations after that work properly, it should be ok. And I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

Okay; may have been a red herring. After starting again from scratch I was able to successfully get through the install. I have another issue, but I think that should be a different topic.

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