Entrypoint registry with multiple entrypoints


Very newbie question but I couldn’t find info on it in suitecrm book or sugarcrm dev guide. The examples show one entrypoint registry file per entrypoint… Is it okey to put all my entrypoints into a single entrypoint registry file? Instead of creating one separate registry file per registry point?

It works from what I can see but I wonder if there are any downsides?

Thank you

I think there are no downsides. you can check the code loading those entry points if you need to be sure.

These php files are being "require"d, which means their code will be executed, and the code contains adding items to arrays. It won’t make a difference whether they’re in one single file or many. Just consider how you prefer to organize it.

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Hello sir I have questions, why is it when I am using entry points this thing happened into my suitecrm. I use entry point to check duplicate records in customer module. This is how I implement/used the entry point(https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23340660/prevent-duplicate-value-using-ajax-in-sugar-crm).

nevemind this question my problem was this one

$entry_point_registry = array(
    'checkDuplicateCustomers' => array('file' => 'custom/modules/Accounts/Ext/Entrypoint/checkDuplicate_customers.php', 'auth' => true)

instead using array I used this format

$entry_point_registry['checkDuplicateCustomers'] = array('file' => 'custom/modules/Accounts/Ext/Entrypoint/checkDuplicate_customers.php', 'auth' => true);