Entry Points in SuiteCRM 8

Hello, I want to create an entry point in SuiteCRM 8, but it doesn't seem to be working. Here's an example I created:

1- I created a file called "exemple.php" in the directory 'public/legacy/custom/Extension/application/Ext/EntryPointRegistry'.

$entry_point_registry['exemple'] = array(
'file' => 'public/legacy/custom/exemple.php',
'auth' => true,

2- Then, I added the logic in the file 'public/legacy/custom/exemple.php'.

3- After a quick repair and rebuild.

Custom entry point URL : suitecrm8/index.php?entryPoint=exemple

Can you please help me ?

Maybe this solution will give you some hint:


Instead of this

Try with

Because I think that registry is fully on the legacy side, so it will assume everything is under public/legacy.