Entire site display went haywire

After entering a large amount of new contacts yesterday the layout of the site stopped displaying correctly and is now not functional. I triedclearing the browser and site caches and doing a quick repair to no avail. This is the screen that shows now from the admin page which I can only get to by typing in the entire URL. None of the header links work at all. Any ideas?

What is your version of SuiteCRM? And PHP? Is this a new installation?

Can you get to the Admin / Quick Repair and Rebuild and try it?

You can try deleting cache/themes directory, it will get re-created, and it might solve your problem.

If this doesn’t solve itself by repairs and cache clear-ups, then you might have broken your permissions on the files, you can try fixing those.

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Thanks pgr!
It’s SuiteCRM version 7.9.4. I think the PHP version is 7.1 but I’m not positive. It is only about a week old but it’s our first install and not an upgrade. I tried deleting the cache directory but it didn’t change anything. I did not try the themes directory. I ended up just reinstalling the entire suite and copying over the custom folder and config.php to the new installation and it’s working normally again. If it happens again I’ll try deleting the themes directory and resetting all the permissions. Weird.