enter data into CRM via external html pages

is it possible to enter data into CRM by an external HTML page which sends data into the same table of the same database of SuiteCRM.

like i’ve created an HTML sign up form and the data from that form is being saved in the ‘users’ table of my ‘suiteCRM’ databsae. suiteCRM is the database in which i installed the suiteCRM. i’ve examined the entire database and the data is being saved in database but not showing at front end, in the CRM.

while i created a new test module, created a new signup page and then tried to enter data. the data successfully entered and is showing in that customised module but the same thing is not happening with the ‘Users’ built in module.

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You can use this tool to target your data to any email.
Then Target this email to this “Email to Anything” Product.


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