Encourage Community Developers

I would like to help with elimination of bugs and addition of feature enhancements to SuiteCRM (and I am sure others would too).

However, when I look at the project on github, there are only 8 issues visible. Anyone who reads the forums knows there are more than that, and planned enhancements are not shown there at all. The last thing I want to do is spend my time tracking, fixing and testing only to find that what I was working on has been fixed by someone else behind the scenes.

If you are serious about getting help from the community, then the entire development and bug tracking process needs to be more transparent and hence, more inclusive.



Hi Bruce,

I totally agree. We’ve been looking into dedicated bug tracking software in order to both help people alert us to issues (the bug sub forum is a temporary stand in for this) and, as you say, to help and encourage people to help out.