Enable google calendar sync check unset, why?


I can’t find where the user settings for gcalendar sync are saved.

Some users have noticed that they did not find calendar events synchronized to gcalendar. Going into user settings, the “Enable google calendar sync” check was disabled and had never been changed by them.

beside, for my user, I had set the “show full names” check, but after a while I know that it is removed.
I suspect there is something going to change these parameters, but I don’t know where to look. I can’t find a database where this information is saved.

Has anyone encountered the same problems? How can I solve them?

There was a problem a few versions ago that no setting from the user profile would get saved correctly, maybe that’s what is happening.

It is fixed now. Are you on the latest version in your branch?

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Thank you very much for your answer.
At the moment we aren’t on the latest version.

In the next weeks I’ll try to update.