Enable Custom Field Global Search

Hello all!

I have run into a bit of a wall when adding custom fields to Global Search. I have followed this tutorial:

and tried samples from here:

But after a ‘Repair & Rebuild’ and Editing the record, no search results when attempting to use Global Search, I am not using AOD(it is off, as it is the only 2 schedulers that do not work in my installation).

I made a custom textfield for the Accounts module, and have it displayed via studio. It is filled as an Alphanumeric identifier, and I would love to be able to search by this to find said related Account!

Thank you for all your help!


Ok! I managed to get it working about an hour after I posted this! : )

This tutorial does indeed work: DevClub - SugarClub

I was just a dummy, and in the wrong directory! To Reiterate the steps I took:

If you have created the new field in studio already:

You should have a newly created file in /custom/Extension/modules/YOUR_MODULE/Ext/Vardefs/ with the name of your field.

Edit this file from:

$dictionary['MODULE']['fields']['FIELD_NAME'] ['labelValue'] =['DISPLAY_NAME'];

to this:

$dictionary['MODULE']['fields']['FIELD_NAME'] = array (
    'labelValue' => 'DISPLAY_NAME',
    'unified_search' => 'true',

Then change to THIS Directory: custom/modules/YOUR_MODULE/metadata/ and edit the SearchFields.php file.

Add this to the array:

  array (
    'query_type' => 'default',

Save & Do a Repair & Rebuild from the Admin zone. You may need to ‘edit’/‘save’ the affected records to have them show up in Search!



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A similar way is working on SuiteCRM 8.1.

1. Changes to custom/modules/YOUR_MODULE/metadata/SearchFields.php
Add this to the array (don’t forget the trailling _c of a custom field):

  'custom_field_c' =>
  array (
    'query_type' => 'default',
    'force_unifiedsearch' => true,

2. Admin Tools / Repair / Quick Repair and Rebuild

I didn’t have to change anything in /custom/Extension/modules/YOUR_MODULE/Ext/Vardefs/.


Hi all

In my case, it seems that Unified Search inherited the “List Definition” display. However, the inline edit fields are not editable in there. Anyone knows a way to make them editable in the unified search list?

I don’t think you’ll be able to achieve that without significant coding work, that view is very different from the others, I believe.