en_us.js loading time exceeds 5 sec on the first page load !

the file en_us.js loading time exceeds 5 sec on the FIRST page load (traces with FF dev tools) which is super annoying especialy if you want to impress someone with SuiteCRM. Everything else load for like 0.1 sec. And of course when its from the local FF cache it loads sub 1 sec. And this is on the 1Gbit LAN … :slight_smile: I’ll test it with mod_gzip now but, it’s not nice way of doing the thing I think. I hope gzip works.

mod_deflate fixed the problem, but it’s really strange for such a small file to waste that much time. At 1Gbit/s I can download at theoretical maximum of about 100MB/s and the file en_us.js can’t be over 1MB … I really wander what wasted sooooo much time.

Could you share in detail for the benefit of all how and where you used mod_deflate to fix the problem?