Empty Case ID and Account name in email.

Hi There,

I’ve created a workflow to send email to a specific email each time a case is created. Every time the email is sent the Case Number and Account name field appears empty. Can someone help?

I’ve used following template for it.

Hi Support,

New case has been created on CRM.

Account Name: $acase_account_name_c
Subject: $acase_name
Description: $acase_description
Case Number: $acase_case_number
Assigned To: $acase_assigned_user_name
Status: $acase_status

The resulting email is as follow

Hi Support,

New case has been created on CRM.

Account Name:
Subject: Test Case
Description: This is a test case
Case Number:
Assigned To: John Thomas
Status: Assigned

Please help! :frowning:

What is your SuiteCRM version?

Is that account field really a custom field? How do you get it filled?

The version I’m using is 7.10.4

Account field is not a custom field. Its default field in a relationship with the case.

Fields ending with “_c” are custom fields created by Studio…

I see a field in my Email templates called simply $acase_account_name

Maybe you should try that one instead

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Thanks that helped!

How about the Case ID or Case number it is also missing.?

For the case number I actually made a PR recently, but it should be in 7.10.4… :blink:

You can read about it here:


And check my changes here:


See if you can find out a solution with the information from those links.


This fix was already there but still, I’m unable to get the case number in my email. It comes as empty


Then I don’t know…

Maybe you can try sending that email template from another window, a normal compose email window. Make sure you link it to a Case first.

This is just to check if the problem is only when launched from a Workflow.

You can also try posting screenshots of your Workflow here


To see if I can think of something different to try…

I think I’ve found the issue. I created another workflow based on your suggestion that workflow runs on the update of the case with same email template as the other one which was not populating case number.

As I modified/updated a case email was received from CRM and it was perfect. Case Number and Account name both were populated.

So the problem is with new record creation, I think when a case is created somehow email is sent earlier and the case number is generated after a glance and thus the email sent when a case is created does not have a case number in it.

Please let me know if the approach is right and if there is a way to delay the workflow for few seconds.

Thank you

If you set the Workflow to fire on Changed records, when the Case Id changes, maybe it will get called when the ID is assigned.

Sorry I was not able to understand how to apply your suggestion.

Workflow module: Cases
Run: only on save
Repeated Runs: yes
Run on: modified records

Conditions --------------
Cases / ID / Equal to / Any change

I didn’t try it, this is just a suggestion for you to try and make it work :slight_smile:

I’ve got a similar issue going. But I am using the standard field reference in my email. It remains to be empty. Any help is much appreciated.

The body of the email:

New Case Created

A new case is created by $acase_account_name. See the crm.eco-movement.com under the Account for more details and to react.

Case type: $acase_type_cpo_c
Priority: $acase_priority
Case description: $acase_description_long_c

Additional question: can you insert a link to the specific account for easy access?

Just to add, I have tried the suggestion above. But the $acase_account_name remains to be empty.