Employees module can be edited by non-admin users


I need to configure so that the Employees module can be edited by non-admin users.

Currently the user can edit only his own registry, I need it to edit information from other users as well.

I verified that giving admin access to the users module I would achieve this, but I want the user to have edit access only in the employees module.

Can anybody help me?

Can I ask you what this is for? I am wondering if it wouldn’t be simpler to just create a new custom module in Module builder, based on the Person type of module, and use it for whatever purposes you want.

The idea of ​​using the Employees module is because it lists the users of the system, if it were possible to build a module and it lists the users would also solve.

it’s possible?

You can have a Workflow to create a record in a custom module whenever a User record gets created. But that might be too complex to manage.

Maybe you can read this and see if your data design is really appropriate:


I’ll summarize what I need, maybe it will be clearer.

I created a “goal per year” field in the users module, which for administrators works fine the changes over there.

but I have a user who is not admin but could view and change this field.

I thought about creating a module and creating a “goal per year” field and
maybe relate to the “users module”, but I do not know how to get this value related.

Ex: $value = $current_user-> goal_per_year;

Maybe try tweaking this here


I tried, until it even opens the editing page, but when it saves, it does not change the value. :frowning:

Do the other employee fields save correctly? Is it only your new custom field that doesn’t save?

When you do a Quick Repair and Rebuild, do you see a button on the bottom to sync database with vardefs? If so, press it.

  • no fields can be saved.
    I saw that there is a file: /modules/Employees/save.php
    it might be something la.

  • I do not see the button informed when I’m going to repair

Thank you for helping me.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what could be the problem and I am afraid I don’t have time to go and investigate, it require debugging through the code…