Employee/User search?

Is there a way to search information from the users/employee modules without specifying the specific fields individually? I know there is an advanced search option, but I was hoping it could simply search all fields.

An example reason for this is I add fields for employee skills across employees/users. We would have employees put in 3 of their skills along with their designated skill levels on a drop-down (still trying to figure out how to get the fields connected).

When I try search, I would need to specify that value in all the skill 1, skill 2, skill 3 boxes to try and find the user associated with the skill I’m looking for, and even that doesn’t work because that value would be in any 1 of the 3, but not all of them. What I was hoping for was a single keyword search across all fields.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Use the AOD search which is in SuiteCRM and can be enabled in Admin -> AOD Settings.

AOD search was/is enabled. For AOD search, am I just typing in the main search box?

Am I doing something else wrong? Could part of the issue be that cron isn’t running yet (still trying to get that working)