Embedded/inline image in email template: Not possible?

Hi all,

in order to use our company logo in an email signature, I would like to include an inline image in an email template. I found some instructions on how to do that with SugarCRM (using the “paperclip” icon), but it seems that it isn’t possible in SuiteCRM.

Am I missing something? Seeing that many e-mail clients consider external content in emails a security issue (and issue warnings to the user accordingly), this seems to be very unfavourable for an email campaign.


You can include an IMAGE while creating the email template, please upload required image within your SuiteCRM “public” folder, and add its URL in IMAGE element.
This is possible. You can use an image within a Template


Yes, I see. But with this method, the image is still loaded externally (from the point of view of the recipient’s mail client). I’m looking for a way to send the image with the email, as an attachment, preferably, so as to make the message self-contained.

For this, you can use Custom PHP while generating the Email. But this will make your Email sending slow as email text will become heavy.


It’s only a small logo of 20KB or so. But anyway, we’ll resort to uploading the image. Custom PHP seems a bit overkill at this stage.


You are welcome