Emails send through the email module show duplicate names


We have a SuiteCRM instalation version 7.11.3 (Sugar Versión 6.5.25 althought this might be like that for everyone) and we have been having problems with sending emails.

Emails send through the default outbound account works perfectly (doesn’t duplicate), but when we want to give users the possibility to send through their own accounts this happens (I made the screenshot before filling the form with the receiver):

When trying to send the email:

The suitecrm.log says, wisely:

I have travelled the whole world wide web but no one seems to have this problem. I tried looking at user configuration, outbounds email settings, email settings, office365, the email tables on the DB, repair options multiple times, editing the JS that defines the email module behaviour manually, php.ini settings, the SuiteCRM client and I haven’t come accross any significant lead. I really don’t know how to make my clients able to send emails through their own accounts…

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Do you have Inbound email configured? I think some people workaround a bug by setting up inbound email, even though they only wanted to use outbound…

Not really, do I configure the inbound email using the same general account as the outbound or should I set an inbound for every user mail?


I am not sure, you will have to play with it and find out. It’s a bug - it shouldn’t be necessary.

It’s also a bug we don’t fully understand, which is making it hard for us to fix it :frowning:


Okay, I will play a little with it and come back with news if I manage to change something :wink:

Thanks pgr!

Nothing, it just doesn’t work.

But I made a clean instalation in a test server and a lot of errors that we have seem to not be present there, so I guess we will end up migrating everything to this test server and change a few things.