Emails module - Sent Folder?

I have updated to SuiteCRM 7.9.5 from previous version 7.8.2 and i can not seem to figure where the SENT folder or TRASH folder for Emails is now.

I did configured the trash and sent folder in settings while adding the inbox, yet when i click on the INBOX button in the TOP RIGHT corner, a popup opens to allow me select a folder from a tree view, as shown in screenshot. . When i select the Sent Emails folder, there is no record listed.

Is this normal with the newer version or can any body suggest some solution on how to get the sent emails listed.

On 7.9.7 I can switch to the Sent folder without problems… It looks exactly like your screenshot, but it works correctly. Maybe you can try (apart from upgrading to 7.9.7) deleting the email accounts and re-configuring them.

There could also be some reason connected to your mail provider. I am using Gmail via IMAP, and you?

I am also using Gmail via IMAP. Does the sent emails have to be always sent via CRM or does it also pulls the sent folder from Gmail too?

I can’t get the Sent folder show the emails as it shows the no records message.

Are you also able to Delete Emails that are listed in the INBOX? It is very strange that the delete option is only shown for an imported email and that the delete action only removed the TICK sign that is used for indicating an imported email.

Is there any guide or wiki that describes about How the new Email module works?

The Sent folder shows messages that were sent months ago directly from Gmail, not from SuiteCRM.

It’s true you can only delete imported mails.

There is no Guide for the new Email client.

This really still needs some work, despite all the time that has passed and all the versions that have been released. The last two versions were mainly driven by security fixes, although this last one had some nice Email bugfixes.

But we’re still needing a release really dedicated to Email bugfixes and improvements…