Emails Module New Look Messed Up

I have just upgraded from 7.8.2 to 7.9.5 and what came to me as a surprise is that the Emails module did not had the feature to View the Multiple Inboxes that were setup in my Email Settings (which are now in user Profile). Another issue i am struggling with is the Deletion of Email and Moving it to Local Folders. I can’t figure out where the Local Folders would be created and how can i move/archive/delete the Emails shown in my Emails Module?

The tick mark shown against some emails is the Indication that these Email were Imported to SuiteCRM. The have individual Delete Option but that does not remove them from the View, it just takes away the TICK mark.

Anyone here has any Guide about where are the Features in 7.9.5 that we used in 7.8.* ?

I don’t think you will find “all the features you had in 7.8.x” in the newer version. The Email module is still being developed and many things didn’t go quite as expected so there were/are problems.

If you use Email extensively, and your tests with 7.9.5 aren’t going well, I’d suggest staying with 7.8.6 (which is LTS) and testing the next version 7.9.6, which will necessarily be an Email bugfix release.

Version 7.9.5 was a security release, the improvements are mostly security issues, not solving all email problems yet. : - (

I’ve upgraded from 7.9.4 to 7.9.5 – i’m glad to be able to see the correct body for the emails now but not being able to delete emails seems such a basic function to be missed.

I would assume at some point in the past emails could be deleted so why would the functioin disappear going from one version to the next.?

Going back to the LTS version is a lot of trouble just to get email deletes and multiple mail boxes.

Somebody could have mentioned 7.9.4 and 7.9.5 were missing such basic functions more obviously - and not mentioning them at all in the release notes.

I haven’t really tried multiple accounts, but according to a post by Daniel Samson on this thread

it seems it is possible.