Emails missing in history

Hello, there is still this bug in the history view : emails do not appear…
Any solution ?

Sorry, Rob, but put yourself in my position…

700+ issues on Github
200+ PR’s
Sometimes I make 50 posts a day here on the Forums

If you guys don’t bother to say at least which version of SuiteCRM you’re on, and really say which steps you take to reproduce the issue, I have no chance of doing this work efficiently. I want to know exactly which “history view” you mean, not go around the screens trying to see which one you could possibly mean.

I recently made a sticky post about this:


I’m sorry, not being an IT, I don’t think of all this…
I use Version 7.10.4 of SuiteCRM.
I’m even more sorry as tonight, the histories show the emails. I just can’t understand. This afternoon, they didn’t. I came to the same accounts to get some screenshot, and everything is there…
Quiet a mystery.
Thank you for answering and for the job you do.
Have a good night or a good day depending of your time zone.

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