Emails (inbound/outbound) not working in 7.9.7.


I installed fresh site with version 7.9.7 (shared hosting, PHP 7.1) and everything works fine except emails, which is frustrating, as I lost already many hours trying to make it work…


  • I managed to create outbound account, and test apparently sends the email, but it never reaches destination
  • when trying to create inbound account, click on button to select folders opens only a header of popup window and it it stays like this forever
    • another thing with this - once this popup shows, even if you click on X, it closes, but entire site is stuck and frozen for approx 15 minutes, but only in this browser (i.e. Chrome), but if you open the site in Firefox for instance, it runs OK. The same thing happens if you do it vice-versa, so it is not related to browser, tried all… :slight_smile:

I even tried to change PHP version to 5.6, but no change.

I rolled back to version 7.8.8. LTS, but the problem is same.

Email functionality is quite important for CRM and I would highly appreciate some help on this…

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,


Hey, Mario.

I have the same issue problem. My struggles are over here

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