Emails are not going internally to same address

Hi everyone i have been facing this issue since i started this application that my all emails are going well inbound and out bound but the problem is when i send a email to my own directory or same address client the email doesn’t reach but it reaches to other address when we send them our stmp is connected to outlook . thanks for help

Hey there,

Would you be able to check the SuiteCRM logs around the time that you send to yourself?

Does anything of note appear?

I’m not sure how Outlook would work in this instance, but I assume the Email hasn’t gone into any other folders?
(like Spam/Drafts/Sent?)

Tue Nov 10 12:42:24 2020 [17607][b10f8701-3207-ff9d-c178-5f679d353e54][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: SMTP connect() failed.


Hmmm, that would indicate there could be something wrong in the Email settings.

You mentioned before that you can send to other Emails fine, how are you sending these Emails?
(ie: Email Module / Workflow / Campaigns)

Are you then sending Emails to yourself via a different method?
Or, perhaps, using a different Outbound Account?

I’m not sure if Outlook has this restriction, but I believe that some Email providers won’t let you send via Aliasing
(Or using a Different “From Address”)

It might be worth enabling these options in “Admin”->“Email Settings”

As these allow you to bypass some sending restrictions

Do these allow you to send to yourself, when enabled?

an email error occurred:SMTP connect() failed.
this message comes when test email is been tried to send to username with extenton of tdsprojects which is company default account name

Does it show a link below saying “show full SMTP log”? There’s more information there.

no but i vizited github repositry and it says that there is php mailer system error with some other cpanel solutions kindly tell me to either follow those is it safe and is software error i mean so any assistance there plus kindly some help how to send notification or configure suite crm with gmail i think we missing there something

I don’t know what could be happening.

I wrote some extra SMTP debugging tips here, see if that helps… good luck!