Emailing Scheduled Reports v7.6.6

Issue is getting Scheduled reports to run and send via email.

We have no problem with workflow email being sent.

Our crontab is set up and running.

Is there a scheduler that needs to be added to system. ?

Is there any special settings after scheduling a report for it to send?

Also noticed that after saving a Daily report at 8 :00 am

after save show monthly but if go to advanced the cron is * 8 1 * *


There are some issues with the Scheduled Reports functionality.

One of these issues has been logged on github here:

If you notice any other issues with it, please feel free to log it on our github repo so a developer can take a look and resolve!

Regarding your issues, The scheduled Report functionality should still work despite its issues.

Would it be possible to pass over a screenshot of your Admin > “Scheduler” section?
It may be, as you said, a missing scheduler task or something alike that.

You were correct and the Scheduler “Run Scheduled Reports” was not created. Once we created reports started to send.

Still have saving issue described. I will report on github


Thanks for reporting back the cause of the issue.
And, thanks for logging any issues you find on our github repo, it certainly helps!