Just upgraded from 7.83 to 7.95, now cannot see my email?

This is a big product with many areas, email is used in many places. Meanwhile, me and others are trying to answer dozens of different users, with dozens of different set ups and concerns.

Please explain your problem a little better: what you had before, what you’re missing now, what you already tried, some details about your system and your email accounts. Thanks.

previously when selecting email from any menu I would go to a page where all email accounts that was setup would show all email, inbox etc.
Now get a blank page that shows “You currently have no records saved. CREATE or Import one now.”

Sorry for the delay answering, I was traveling for a couple of days.

The behaviour you’re experiencing isn’t normal, your email accounts should have stayed configured through the upgrade.

But it seems something went wrong and they are not configured anymore. Maybe you can examine your upgradeWizard.log or your suitecrm.log to see what went wrong?

However, it might be easier to simply try reconfiguring email.

Be warned that the Email module in 7.9.5 does not show you a tree of folders, if you use several accounts and folders you might be better off staying with 7.8.6.