Email with pdf

hello i don’t understand why :

  • when i clic to send quote by invoice : email for isn’t complete (account email exist)
  • email sended display variable$aos_qotes_name and not realy value
    strange ?
    thanks for any help

Please always state which version you’re running.

If you have trouble with English you might prefer to write in your own language? I understand Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian… but I usually reply in English.

hello my version is
Version 7.10.7
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (version de construction 344)
for exemple when i receive email
to =

 root user

subject is :

texte $aos_quotes_name

content :

Votre devis $aos_quotes_name

Bonjour suite à rendez-vous, vous trouverez ci-joint notre proposition pour le $aos_quotes_name.

Nous détaillons autant que possible nos devis afin de les rendre les plus clairs possibles et vous aider à la prise de décision.
Si malgré cela vous avez des questions, je vous invite à revenir vers moi. Je me ferai un plaisir de vous apporter des précisions.

Bonne réception,

$employee_full_name $employee_first_name

i update 7.10.9 same problem

i have an other problem in invoices … (no in quotes)
same string doesn’t works


no idea ?

I believe this is a known issue, if you search GitHub you will find this variable substitution problem is already there. Let’s hope it gets fixed soon.

ah ok i didn’t find it on github did you have link ?