Email window not closing after sending email having upgraded to 7.12.6 version

Have just upgraded to ver. 7.12.6 from version 7.11.x

Couple of strange things:

  1. My pdf templates are now not printing correctly, but found out that changing the pdf engine back to the legacy pdf engine sorted that out.
  2. When I compose an email and send it, I get the box up to say that the email has been sent, (and it is sent), but the compose window does not close automatically as it used to in version 7.11.x

Any help would be appreciated.


  1. Understandable, the PDF engine changed and maybe some adjustment needs to be made to the templates. You’d need to check if there are any errors or any other clues you can find to fix the issues. Reverting to the old engine makes things the same as they were before, so vertiginoso works again :slight_smile:

  2. I don’t recall this “Email sent” window closing automatically before. Did you have any custom code in place to do this? How exactly are you bringing up the Compose window? From which module, which button are you doing it?

Sorry, but it is not the “email sent” window that is not closing. You have to press the OK button in that popup and it disappears. It is the message window itself. When you press the OK button in the email sent popup you are left with the message still on the screen. The only way to get rid of the “Draft” window is to press the delete icon, It then asks “Disregard Draft, This operation will delete this email, do you want to continue?”

Regards, Chris.

I don’t know about that bug… it might not be too easy to investigate. If you can find relevant messages in the browser’s developer console, that might help.

Have you tried simply clicking outside the Compose window? Sometimes that is enough to dismiss the window.