Email - viewing sent messages

I have my email account set up in SuiteCRM.

I am able to see the inbox, the drafts, but when I click on sent messages, I am seeing the contents of the inbox.

Why might this be happening? How can I fix it?

Thanks for any ideas.

Hi Joe

You’re experienced with support forums Joe - you know that it;s best to provide helpful specific details :grinning: surprised at you!

So can we have more details - what email service / IMAP/POP…/ did it ever work / any difference between admin and non-admin users / windows or linux / Suite version / have you sent any emails from Suite in the past … screenshots, or the URLs of the broken page…

I think there is a place in the IMAP account configuration in SuiteCRM where you link the SuiteCRM folders to IMAP “folders”. So perhaps there is a way to indicate that the thing called “Sent” in SuiteCRM should match the “Sent” folder in the account.

I believe Gmail has some peculiarities with the way it handles IMAP, maybe that is a factor too.

We have checked for an email view there is no issue regarding sent messages. We have got sent box mail list.
To review your issue, We need to access your SuiteCRM and the Server where you hosted your SuiteCRM.
Please let me know if you’re ready to share access as requested