Email Undefined error

I have recently install SuiteCRM 7.9.8 and there was an error (Can’t remember the error message) when trying to send emails to contacts. I searched the forum at the time and saw others had also experienced the same error. At the time I selected “External Email client” under the profile settings. Today I upgraded to 7.9.9 and the email error has now changed to “Undefined” when selecting an email template and my email settings do not seem to be able to send even a test email from the backend but they were able to on 7.9.8.

Is there something I have missed or is this still an issue?

“undefined” errors mean certain parts of your app aren’t even loading, anything can happen after that.

Try a few Admin / Repairs: QR&R, Javascript repairs, etc.

If that doesn’t work, try deleting “cache/themes” directory.

Many thanks for your reply.
I have successfully repaired many items but when I get to
“Repair JS files” after about 30seconds it says “Undefined” in the list or processess.
“Repair inbound email accounts” it just hangs and does not complete, I have waited 5 minutes.

Also I am running MAMP as a local server.
I have tried changing permissions in the config.php file based on a previous post but it did not make any difference.

Your installation is really struggling to work… have a look at your web server log. In Ubuntu Apache it’s called php_errors.log, I don’t know what it is called in MAMP.

Also check your php.ini to try increasing


and retry the Repairs that didn’t complete.

I found this error in the log but I don’t know how to fix it? " A non well formed numeric value encountered in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/SuiteCRM-7.9/include/ListView/ListViewSmarty.php on line 109"
I have already repaired all items in the admin section and I can’t see anything that relates to the error.

I opened up ListViewSmarty.php and this is what it says at line 109

foreach($this->displayColumns as $name => $params) {
$this->displayColumns[$name][‘width’] = floor($this->displayColumns[$name][‘width’] / $adjustment);
// figure out which contextMenu objectsTypes are required

What is your version of PHP?

Did you check those items in config.php that I suggested?

Using PHP 7.1.8 on MAMP local server.

I could not find php.ini in SuiteCRM folders but I found a series of php.ini folders in the MAMP folders, with what appears to be PHP folder version id’s but there is not a folder for my current PHP version. I could not find a php.ini that seemed relevant, can you point me in the right direction please?

That’s a question for the MAMP documentation, I don’t know where they put files…

But if you go in SuiteCRM to Admin / Diagnosis you can get a phpinfo output which tells you everything about your PHP settings - location of php.ini files, memory sizes, etc.

I did the diagnostic and found the PHP file for MAMP and realised I had been there in the last 24 hours and didn’t realise!!! I doubled the Memory from 128mb to 256mb and max_execution_time = from 30 to 130.

I stopped and restarted the server and did a rebuild of SuiteCRM and then tried to repair the “JS Files” but the undefined error still occurs.

Thank you very much for your help.

Interesting update:
I just installed Version 7.8.10 and I can successfully send emails as expected. Is there an issue with 7.9.9? or is there something wrong with my installation?

If my installation is wrong can you guide me to link the existing database from MAMP into a new suiteCRM 7.9.9 installation. I think I backup the database from MAMP, install a new version of SuiteCRM 7.9.9 and then modify the config.php to point to the database???

Can you please confirm if my database transfer method is correct or tell me if there is something wrong with my install or version 7.9.9?

It was something with the installation as I binned it and reinstalled and now email functions as normal. Now I am not sure if my database was also binned or if it is kept with MAMP, I am a beginner and not a programmer or IT person so I am not sure.

I had a backup of my database and I figured out how to create and replace the database. Now I have my database back and a fully functioning SuiteCRM.

I have never worked on a database before so understanding a restore might help me repair future database issues, at least I can restore a backup.


FYI, I just came back to my new install after an hour and the email function is back to “Error Sending Email. Please contact your administrator for assistance.”

When sending a test email from the backend error “Error:SMTP connect() failed.

I have not changed any email settings since I reinstalled and successfully tested the email function an hour ago.

I have also established that it is somehow a database issue as I have fixed it to working again.

When checking the MAMP database I saw that there were other email outbound and inbound settings that I had not put there and it appears that SuiteCRM was using them. These other settings must have been somehow entered after I installed it earlier today, perhaps some code or whatever that is not doing what it is supposed to. I deleted them and reentered the same as I did before and now it sends emails again. The question I have is why is this happening? As you appear to be involved with development? could you please forward this on, if it is helpful.

Just a note - I usually put memory_limit at 512 Mb.

About email, when I get SMTP problems I use this:

(warning: don’t post results from that online, they will contain your password - you must obfuscate first)

About using any of this information for development, I am still too suspicious of your installation, and anyway you did too much sysadmin kung-fu :slight_smile: to make any of this useful. I’d have to understand all the database imports and exports you made, etc. But if you can find a clean, reproducible case, of course it’s interesting.

Thanks and good luck