Email Tracking for individual emails not campaigns

I’ve seen this brought up before, but I found this. Does anybody know now to make this a module for SuiteCRM?

I might take a stab at this. I know I have done it in the past by keeping a little port listener open that records all the activity of a little embedded graphic that you add to your email…

I will hopefully have some kind of success or not. :slight_smile:

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SuiteCRM already has Tracker URL’s

If you just add some mechanism to send a pixel with the email, track analytics on that file in your web server, and link to the Tracker URL’s mechanism, you should be done

yeah, this type of activity is definitely an oldie but a goodie and look at that, SuiteCRM is already setup for such activities. whoo hoo!

The problem is it’s only set up for Campaigns, not for individual emails like yesware or like hubspot.

@gypsydogg I am working on similar stuff right now for my PowerReplacer add on. Can you explain better what the requirement is?

Are you talking about the Emails module, Compose window? Would you like to send a tracker pixel from there, is that it? Where would you go to check the results?

"Are you talking about the Emails module, Compose window? Would you like to send a tracker pixel from there, is that it? " Yes, I need tracking for 1 off emails, not for campaigns.

Checking the results could be flexible, either 1 window or in each account.

I t shouldn’t be hard to add the URL that the campaigns use for the tracking pixel…

<img alt='' height='1' width='1' 
&identifier=3Dc57a5565-f0e5-f896-f4e9-5f157310ab20' />

But the fact that it’s not part of a campaign means that there is no UI to see the effect of that.

If you want to look into this, check modules/Campaigns/image.php
and the log_campaign_activity function in modules/Campaigns/utils.php

Can this be patched to the core code so that all emails sent and logged in the History Subpanel for any module can have a Status Column to know if the Email was Opened or Not? Those panel values are not available in Workflow thus any drip campaign or lead nurturing is not possible based on user interaction.

I am not sure, but I think this area is worth exploring. I often think of a CRM as Email+Database+Structured Processes, anything that can be advanced in Emails handling is usually of very high business value.

Maybe some of this tracking is already possible. I never studied the email tracking mechanism in depth. I don’t know if it depends on the “campaigns” concept or not. But even if it does, maybe you could create a “dummy” campaign, without ever sending it as a batch, but instead use the tracking codes individually in emails sent form Compose window. Then you would go in the Campaign status screen to check how it is evolving.

Hi pgr,

I’m also very interested in having a tracking pixel for emails. Are there any news on integrating this feature into your PowerReplacer add on?

Sorry, no news on that front. People didn’t get together and sponsor, so SuiteCRM is not getting those features… :frowning:

The add-on would make it easier to put the tracking code into the emails, even if it involved complex conditions etc to come up with a unique URL.

But the other side - getting the information from the users once they start opening the emails, and recording that in the DB, needs to be coded more or less from scratch. Although I don’t think it is too difficult.