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Email to Target List

Please include the ability to send email to a defined Target List. Currently, SuiteCRM doesn’t allow this.

Hi Drew,

I presume you mean via the Email module, rather than through Campaigns?



Thanks for your reply, and sorry I wasn’t more clear.

Yes, I would like to be able to select a Target List from the Email module, and be able to send one-off emails to Target Lists.

Is that possible in SuiteCRM?

Hi there,

You can send an email to a target, but you would need to customise the email client to be able to send an email to a target list, although this can be done via Campaigns.

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It would be really handy if the email client was modified to include Target List in the picklist.

As I am new to SuiteCRM, I am not yet familiar with the difference between Targets and Target Lists, though I assume Target Lists are groups of Targets, and a Target is an individual.

Perhaps I should re-phrase my question, since I am still learning SuiteCRM…

If I wanted to be able to send ad-hoc (non-scheduled) emails to a group of Contacts (my golf league), what is the best way to approach that? What’s the best way to group the Contacts, and what’s the best way to send emails to that grouping?

Thanks again for the replies, and the discussion.

Hi there,

The best way to do this out of the box would be by utilising campaigns. You can set the scheduler to run when it suits you best and you can increase your batch limit to decrease the time it would take to send the emails(as long as the server has the required settings).

If you required to do this directly via the Emails module, this would required code customisations.



Thank you for the reply and information. The out-of-the-box method sounds complicated enough to be prohibitive.

I am no coder, so have no idea on what it would take to get Target Lists added to the email module.

Would it make sense to add this as a feature request to the SuiteCRM roadmap?

Can anyone comment on the complexity of adding Target Lists to the email module, or to the likelihood of this being added to the SuiteCRM roadmap?


Hi there,

It is not something planned for future releases. It would require considerable development work, as you are not emailing to an individual record such as a contact/target, but looping through all addresses and emailing. This would also require some batch process, such as campaigns uses.



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Thanks for your reply. I sure wish it could be added to the roadmap, but since it seems like there’s not much demand for it, I will explore other ways of accomplishing what I want in SuiteCRM.

Thanks for the discussion and consideration.

Hi Drew,

Best regards from Perú. how did you solve this problem ?
Suitecrm doesn´t have this functionality yet. I have the same situation. I have a campaigns with many target list.
I want to write specific email to a one target list.

For me, it´s no efficient to create campaings for each target list.

Thanks in advance

PD: Great webpage.



Has there been anymore thought on this as it would be a handy feature. there is a requirement to be able to send an email to a target list without the need of creating a campaign each time

Yes, we would REALLY appreciate this too!