Email to Opportunity assigned user

I want to send an email to the respective user of an Opportunity when there’s any change in the record , for example if any change in stage .

I was only able to send it to the mentioned user by manually adding the email address in the Actions tab of the workflow.

I want to dynamically send emails to the respective user assigned to the Opportunity record if there is any change in the record.

How can I achieve this?

you should be able to send Email to the assigned user like this

Tried this … But it doesn’t work

Does the assigned user have a valid email address ?

Could you please share your workflow configuration, even we’re trying to achieve same functionality? :upside_down_face:

yes they do have a valid email address

Does the problem only occur when the workflow is running because you changed assigned user? Maybe that is because the assignment is not complete yet.

Or does it also occur when triggered by a change to some other field?

I want to trigger it when there’s a change in filed

for example when a user moves from “a” sales stage to “b” sales stage in Opportunity
The opportunity assignee should receive a mail

I don’t know why the Workflows aren’t working, but if you are able to do a bit of code you could try using a logic hook instead.

Please send your Basic, Conditions and Actions config screenshots.

here’s the configuration

So your setup the email will ONLY send if

There is a change to the comment on discount field AND Sales stage is equal to Request for Discount

AND Approval Status is not Approved.

Is that what you wanted?

Also, you didn’t show us the whole config. Does this run on save? In the scheduler? New records? All records? Repeated runs? This stuff is all important.

found the solution to it!!!

added the email address in the email settings located at the end of the user profile tab

This was initially empty for the user