Email to Cases

Hi Everyone,

Installing today and had seemingly now problems with the installation. I even was able to upgrade with no issues to the lastest. My congrats on a very nice upgrade system.

My issue is importing email to cases. I have set up email (imap from host) and it tests fine. I was able to view the emails from inside SuiteCRM, but they are not importing into the systems and creating cases. I do have that box checked B-)

What am I missing?


How you are going to create cases from Emails??? From where you are trying?

Sohaib Majeed
SuiteCRM Developer

Hi timopp

Have you had the emails > cases set up before the upgrade?

You need provide a little more information in order for us to help you.

Oh, sorry.

This is a new installation that I have been unable to get the email to case function to work at all. It was installed via Scriptaculous and I upgraded via the upgrade module through the course of troubleshooting.

I have followed many of the things I found in this forum, but to no avail.

Thank you for the fast reply

@Sohaib. My assumption is that once email is configured, any items sent to that address will be imported into the system as a case. I have set up groups and group emails. In the point 9 version, I was able to access the inbox of the email from some screen, and I would try to use the command to import the email. It failed every time.

In the new version, I am not sure where this inbox view is available to try again.

Thank you

Ahh. Cron jobs was having issues. I corrected that and everything worked