Email to case

Hello All!

Could anyoune provide some documentation how to setup EMAIL TO CASE?

I setup the inbound emails and they are coming but the automatic case creation is’t working :frowning:

Please help!

Hi Killzone

I don’t have any documentation but maybe able to help

First question

  • Have you gone into AOP in the admin panel?

Hi! I have the same question actually - could you please help me in setting up email to case? Where should I see “AOP”? I cannot locate it in the admin panel.


SuiteCRM 7.12.1

Admin > Case Module Settings

Add the email details here

Thanks! I set it up and I still cannot see that cases are created after I send email to a given email address :frowning: could you please let me know how I could solve this? I am using gmail email address for inbound emailing

I think my issue has been resolved - crontab wasn’t setup