Email Templates not overwriting signature (7.12.x)

When I compose a new email, by default, my signature shows in the body. When I select an email template, it used to overwrite the entire body with the new email template. Now, it appends the email template after the signature. So now every time I add an email template, I have to go and manually delete my signature.
Anyone else, or is it just me? Also, any way to change/fix?

I’ve done a bit more playing with email settings and in a users profile you can deselect “Signature above reply” and then the email template goes first and the signature comes after the template. Signatures I generally include in the templates. It still does not over write the signature. Not sure if this is a feature or a bug?

See this

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Thanks @pgr so it sounds like it’s a feature.

Yes, but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily the best option.

I guess it depends on whether people prefer to include the signatures in the emails, or to leave them out of the templates…

Yeah, it would be nice if there was a way to toggle it on/off. It doesn’t quite work right with email templates. It puts the signature at the top before the template, which isn’t of much help having to cut and paste it at the bottom every time. I did find a workaround, if you turn off in the users email settings “add signature after reply” it works as I think is intended and puts it at the bottom of the email after the template, but then it messes up email replies and doesn’t include your signature in the reply (at least not visibly at the top where it should be).

I’ve always put the signature in the email template so while I’m sure other people might like it, I now have to either remove it every time or go back and edit dozens of email templates to remove signatures.

I guess I could un-do the change that enabled this. Plan is to migrate to 8 soon, so don’t want to mess too much with customizations at this point.

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