Email templates not including attachments

Hello all

We have started to use SuiteCRM CE 7.9.8 moving from SugarCRM 6.5
We have seen that after creating some mail templates where we attach documents, when we send a mail using this template, docs are not being sent with the mail. We need to add them again manually.

Other behaviour is that after adding a doc manuall, the same docs gets attached twice when the mail is received in destination.

I have googled it and found that it is an issue that is has been already solved… but was not able to find the solution.

Could someone point me to a link where this fix is explained?

Thanks a lot!

This one?

The fix should be in the latest release, maybe you could simply try upgrading.

Hi We have SuiteCRM 7.9.8 already, not possible to upgrade I think.
Is it working for you now?

The fix is in 7.9.11, I believe. I didn’t test it, I don’t have time to test all these different issues. You can test it yourself in one of the live demos, or applying the fix I linked above manually in your system.