Email templates edit view not appearing

I have an issue with the Email templates. I can view a template, but I cannot edit it. When I try to edit pressing the button “edit” I only see an empty page. I still see the side menu and the top menu. I only see the word EDIT at the top of the page and nothing else.

Same thing happens if I try to create a new email template.

The version I have installed is 7.10.25. I don’t see any error in the PHP logs and also in the Sugar log.

The permissions of the folders have been set to 775 and files 644

Thank you for your help

Try running a Quick Repair and Rebuild and let me know if it makes any change. Unlikely but worth the shot.

Done but nothing changed

Hi Essegi,

Were you able to resolve this issue? I’m facing the same problem.

Hi there!

What version are you using?

Can you send a screenshot of what your seeing?
Also, do you get any error, on screen or within the suitecrm.log?


I’m using Suitecrm 7.11.18
PHP 7.3
if I click create and edit it kind page is coming

The answer is in the PHP errors log, the one defined in your, error_log directive,

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