email template variables not parsing

Hi, I have got issues in version 7.9.14.


The variables I am using in the email template are not being replaced:

$employee_user_name (as an example)


the personal signature get not placed below a template.
It works when set above the message

perfect solution would be to have an option in the template to choose if a signature gets attached or not.
In this case composing tempates would allow to integrate signatures in the template or not.
But without parsing employee Details anything does not work properly.



trying some other variables I found out the following:

writing an email out of a contact the following variables get parsed … but what is filled in belongs to the user who has created the record.


the variables allocated to the employee are not parsed


we would need to have the variable parsed from the user who is working on the system (not the assigned user to the contact) or from the employee which would be expected from us.

any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, sorry to see this issue.

Was just reading through and we had noticed a few email parsing issues which we have addressed for the upcoming patch release and hopefully this will be included.

Please keep an eye out for the latest release as this should be solved.

This should be out in the next few days.

Thanks for raising the issue.


Hi Ellis, I’m using SuiteCRM 7.15 now but I still have the issue as described above. Should this have been changed?

Before I was working with SuiteCRM 6.24 and there codes like $user_first_name worked perfectly. Do you know why this functionality has disappeared?