email template variables not parsing

Hello i have installed a new version of suitecrm 7.9.11 and have created an email template for my sales team. i have tried employee variables none are parsing when the email is sent. email is received with

For more information please contact $employee_first_name at (647) 931-1793 ext $employee_phone_other or email at $employee_email1 any time and I will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right products for your business.

This is a know issue but it was supposedly already fixed in 7.9.11, are you sure that’s your version?

Is it only the employee variables that don’t parse, or other variables too? If it was the bug mentioned above, all modules variables would show the problem.

From which module are you sending the email? Maybe SuiteCRM simply doesn’t know how to connect an employee to the current record.

Hi, I have got the same issue here, version 7.9.11.
I am sending emails from the “Quotes” module.
The variables I am using in the email template are not being replaced:

I get the email with the variable names and not with the actual values.

I tried also with:
and those two did work.

Any fix for this? Thanks!

it seems the only thing that is parsing for me is the lead info. nothing else parsed to the email please advise I in particular need to get the employee info to parse.

I suspect that all of these cases amount to one simple thing: an email template is being generated within a module, so only that module’s variables are known at the time.

It might seem simple to you to say: why can’t it grab a related record? But sometimes these are many-to-many relationships, so it isn’t obvious which related record you would want.

I see two ways of getting around this:

  1. Do just a small bit of code development to add that logic when populating the template

  2. Make extra fields in the current record to hold all the information you need on the template, and have these fields automatically filled out via logic hooks or Workflows