Email template variables not being pulled /connected

Version 7.11.18
I am doing something wrong.
I am trying to send an automated email to webinar attendees who have previously registered. The event module is supposed to pull fields from the location module. specifically adress and postal code. I have abused the address field for the link to the webinar and the postal code field for the access code.

The email template is of type ‘event’ and there is a multiple to multiple connection between ‘events’ and ‘locations’ and also the oppsite, verfied by the fact that in the events form it correctly has the connnection made to ‘locations’.
The output in the email is the raw variables instead of the field content. It seems that the link is not correctly established between those two tables. Any ideas?


Are you still having issues with this?

I believe the CRM populates the Email variables differently, depending on where the Email is sent from

Sorry if I missed it, but how did you go about sending this Email?
(ie: Through workflow/Logic hook/other means?)

I’m not 100% sure if Workflow would be able to send an Email that would populate Email variables across multiple tables, but it would be good to know how you’ve achieved this, to confirm

I have got it working now. The solution was a couple of things. For one it seems like different modules are capable of different things, i.o.w. workflows can do automation but don’t seem to be able to pull data from related tables together, so you need to design your workflow around these limitations. Email templates on the other hand have certain relations already pre-defined in their setup variables so youcan work with that. So in short the clue for me was, figure out the limitations of each module and configure the automation around that rather than force-fitting suite to my intended workflow.

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Yeah, there are some limitations in the Workflow/automated Email cycle

However, glad to hear you found a solution :slight_smile: