Email template replacing   with wrong character

After I upgraded to SuiteCRM 7.02, I get the following character for every   in my templates:


Is there a workaround for this? I’m assuming I’d have to change something in Email/Compose.php

Hi there,

Can you paste an example of your HTML template so that I can replicate/test the issue? We would recommend updating to SuiteCRM 7.1.2 as this features many bug fixes, enhancements from 7.0.x and important security updates to the SugarCRM core.



Hello, I am having the same issue.

Here is my template:

When I remove the


from the entire template and hit save, it gets added again.

Please advise.


Any ideas?

Does this happen even if you edit/save in the HTML editor?

What version of SuiteCRM are you running?

It may be that TinyMCE/SugarCRM is performing HTML Purifying and is adding the non-breaking space( ).



Hello, I am running 7.1.4.
Yes, as soon as I edit the HTML (remove the nbsp ) and click save, it adds them back in automatically.

Just updated to 7.1.5 and we are still having this issue. Are there any fixes?

Any updates with this issue? I opened a bug in github but no response yet. (


Any updates with this issue?