email template relate field issues

Would bump the old thread but basically i’ve been searching for hours now and troubled to find not alot on this sbjuct.

When i create an email template with a custom relate field such as the one starred below, the ones without the star show the correct data, however the custom relate field doesn’t load the data in the email and shows as $contact_bank_c


can anyone help


Just to add, when sending via workflow these fields are populated correctly, when sent directly they don’t.

Hi Tealsteam,
Did you resolve this issue?
In order to get the custom field to populate in the email when sent via WorkFlow, did you have to create a special relationship for it?
I’m trying to create an email which will pull data from some custom fields in Cases, but when the email is sent via Workflow or manually, the custom data isn’t coming through… just the field name.

I am still trying to resolve this, the easiest way to do it i thought was to create hidden fields, and use a workflow to move the data to the contacts details, however i am struggling to do this, the workflow runs however i get NULL values.

Please see my other post: