Email template problem from bulk action

We have problems using email templates when sending emails from bulk action in contact list.
In version 7.10.10 (production server) it is possible to load a template but variables are not working.
Installed a new 7.11.4 and here I cant load any templates, the template list pops up but when selecting nothing happens. :whistle:

Is it supposed to work using email templates from bulk action?


Is this what you’re getting when loading templates on 7.11.4?

Regarding the clean install of 7.11.4
No I don’t get any errors in the log.
The template selector pops up and I can search e-mail templates , when clicking a template the pop-up closes but no confirm message pops up and the template does not load n the e-mail form.
Same problem from Contacts=>Activities=>Compose Email and Contacts list=>Bulk Action=>Email

My other question (7.10.10) was, variables are not working when using email templates.
Is this a known problem?
I have been searching for this bot cant find any answers.

The Compose works fine for me…

Please check also your Browser’s developer console for any Javascript errors when it fails to load the template.

About the variables replacement, I saw some issues about that on Github, but I am unsure if they have already been fixed, or exactly what was the problem…

Ver: 7.11.4
I have checked with debugger console mode but get no response when click to select email template.
The pop-up closes but no console response and nothing in log.

I font others having this bug / problem here

The templates loads in product server version 7.10.10 but stops loading when upgrade copy to 7.11.4

I found one more bug in 7.11.4
If option “Users may send as themselves” the user email address gives error when try to send mail.
I think the problem are bubble >> after the addres. Switching to system address it is only one >
T.ex. (Reply-to: User Name <Test Testsson>
It is logged in error log also.

Thanks for support.