Email template-Link to the record

Hello to everyone,
i would like to ask how can i create a email template which will have a link to a specific information
so the receiver of the email to have the ability to get immediately to this information
thanks in advance

This is not as simple as it seems. If your link is to a record inside SuiteCRM, then the user coming from that link would have to log in to the system in order to see it…

Lets say that the potential user is logged in CRM and my link is to a record inside SuiteCRM
Which part of the email template will be connected with the record which i want to be seen by the user(assigned to)?
Thanks in advance,

You can look at the format of SuiteCRM URL’s to see what you need to generate.

If you can the destination record “id” to show as a variable in your email, then you can work it to become a valid SuiteCRM URL and put it inside a link…

See this example