Email Template Issues

Hi Everyone

I have been having some issues when adding images to the email template module. If I don’t first view the source code (copy and paste) before saving the template any images still in cache/images are not moved into permanent storage and are dropped from the template.

This issue started when updating the CRM to 7.12.2 the issue sadly persists in 7.12.5
I was thinking it was due to some mistakes in the SecuritySuite module but the issue is there even without SecuritySuite installed.

I have noticed that the email template builder is using the incorrect url for the crm system.
I have checked the config.php file and it has the correct site_url value.

Where does the Email Template module get it’s hostname value from?

Do you have a config_override.php file in the root directory of SuiteCRM?

Hi pgr

I cleared this file to make sure there are no conflicts

What about the host_name value in config.php? I am not quite sure when that one is used, instead of site_url

EDIT: it just occurred to me - you can do a full text search on your installation for the string that appears in the template

I’ve been investigating this and sent some information for my manager to post Version 7.12.2 - Email template builder images disapear

it turns out this is a known issue email templates: Mozaik removes images · Issue #9265 · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub

fix is to manually apply Update AntiXSS library by splendidinternet · Pull Request #9266 · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub