Email Template Issue: Variables not populating with values

Hi All,

The question is… What should the email template field names be for the “User Case Update” email template?

A description of the symptoms follows…

I have created a workflow that sends an email to the assigned user when a Case Update occurs. The email template selected is the “User Case Update” The email is being sent but the content is incorrect because the fields in the template are not all being populated with values.

The template title is as follows:

$acase_name (# $acase_case_number) update

The template text is as follows:

You've had an update to your case $acase_name (# $acase_case_number) on $aop_case_updates_date_entered:

$contact_first_name $contact_last_name, said:


You may review this Case at: $sugarurl/index.php?module=Cases&action=DetailView&record=$acase_id;

The received email title is as follows:

$acase_name (# $acase_case_number) update

The received email body is as follows:

Hi $user_first_name $user_last_name, 
You've had an update to your case $acase_name (# $acase_case_number) on 13/03/2014 11:21am:
, said:
I am updated for the third time
You may review this Case at: $sugarurl/index.php?module=Cases&action=DetailView&record=$acase_id;

As you can see, some fields were populated but most were not.

If I try to create an email template from scratch, Case is not even in the dropdown so there is no way to verify the accuracy of the field codes used in the template provided as part of the SuiteCRM application or to create a suitable one.

[color=#000000]Note that I have already tried changing the prefix on all the field names to $aop_ as per the two that worked but that had no effect.[/color]



I am having this same problem in production. It does not appear to happen our test environment.

In Production In the Case History the outbound email appears properly replaced with the fill in’s however the actual version received in my email still has the variables not the values.

Sugar Case History


Thanks for your help