Email signatures cannot be saved

Is anyone else able to save a custom email signature?

In the email settings in the Users’s Profile, when I create a signature with TinyMCE (which seems to be the only one available), I cannot save the signature. The page title appears over the top of the Save and cancel buttons in the top left of the ‘Create’ page. The buttons do not work.

I upgraded from 8.1.2 hoping that there might have been a fix, but the same problem remains in 8.1.3.

Has everyone got this problem or is it just me. If it’s just me, any suggestions to fix please?

Would anyone be so kind as to answer my first question please?

I don’t have that version installed, but you can try it on the live demo.

Username: will
Password: will

About the suggestions to fix, that would involve a deeper analysis, I guess. I do suggest a workaround which is to put the signature directly in the database, table users_signatures

Thanks pgr,

I forgot about the demo site. :smirk The same issue there, so it appears to be a problem.

Yes, only an hour ago I put the signature in the database directly along with the appropriate User ID etc. This works and given that this is not something that needs changing very often, it does the trick nicely.

Thanks for you reply.

I’m glad you solved it.

I suggest you open an issue on GitHub describing this bug.

Thanks pgr, I’ve done that now.

In the meantime, for those wanting to create an email signature in the User Profile settings without having to resort to database manipulation, I found that after creating the signature, the SAVE button can be clicked if the popup window width is reduced to minimum.