Email signature WYSIWYG editor missing

When I try to create or edit an email signature, the WYSIWYG editor is missing, only the HTML code is displayed.

Is anyone else getting this or know of a way to fix it?

  • PHP version 5.6
  • suitecrm version 7.6.10

I tried to run the inspect element option in Chrome for that page to look for errors (none are showing in sugarcrm for this page) but am not sure what I’m looking for to figure out what’s causing the editor not to show.

The WYSIWYG editor is working fine for other things like creating new emails etc.


  • William

Can you try this on the online demo, to see if it works there, on the latest version?

or this one, if you need Admin access:

The version of suitecrm from the links don’t give me access to the signature settings (under email settings). It looks like the paid version rather than my self-hosted version.

There is no “paid version” of SuiteCRM.

The demo in the second link (Softaculus) allows Admin access, you can change all settings there.

apologies hadn’t seen the 7.9+ version before this so thought it was a paid solution.

Yes the email signature WYSIYG editor is working in the demo, I upgraded my suitecrm version from 7.2.2 all the way way up to 7.6.10 using the upgrade tool in the admin section.

Do you think some files didn’t get updated properly and that I should replace those files in the current upgrade with the files that would have been available in a clean install of 7.6.10?

Instead of messing with your installation of 7.6.10, why not upgrade all the way to the latest? There have been literally hundreds of security fixes and bug fixes since that version…

I cloned the site and did an upgrade to 7.9+ but each upgrade threw different errors, this version has the least errors.

A clean install of suite CRM 7.9.4 is working fine.

If I can transfer across all my settings and leads I’d definitely use the new version. Any suggestions how to achieve this?