Email signature 📩 not loading correctly or at all

Search in the database for the email signature tables.

There is two of them:
One is the general templates and the other one is the personal signature.

In the table field (Last one at the bottom), where your HTML code is located replace it with your original HTML code. This requires of course that you first have created the templates in SuiteCRM UI first where you pasted your source HTML code. :+1:

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New install for customer - same issue - Email signatures are not loading: :scream:

HMTL signatures has been directly loaded into the CRM database due to that SuiteCRM will sanitize code in your email template html code when you copy/paste it front end so it will lose its rock solid design.
As you can see in the browser dev console it does throw some errors related to the email signature. Not sure however to to go from there…

E-mail HTML code directly copy/pasted into the following data (user) tables:

  • outbound_email
  • email_templates
  • users_signatures

End result:


SuiteCRM seems to write this interfering code into the template from the outbound_email database table / outbound email account:

It writes it in every time and mess up the preloaded custom html code.:hot_face:

Adding a signature in users profile…

Doesn’t do anything. It simply doesn’t load.

This page is missing in the documentation @pgr

I was searching through the documentation to find some answers on my issue above. This article is missing. It is being linked from this page: Email Overview :: SuiteCRM Documentation

Adding a signature in outbound email account (personal) as per this article here: Compose Email 'From' Dropdown Behaviour :: SuiteCRM Documentation

Added just some simple text:

yields this result:

which is pretty messed up. The code automatically added by SuiteCRM:

<!DOCTYPE html>

Obviously it mess up the other code which is outside of the tags

and then it automatically add this code from the outbound account signature field.

</html><div class="email-signature-element"><p>this is a test</p></div>

It is not very strange that you end up with a blank email without a signature because the code is outside of the html closing tag.

I’m note sure how to fix this mess.

It obviously to me seem to be a bug. Right? :thinking:

Is there a way to disable that SuiteCRM adds this code string automatically, (the < htm l>< head ></ head >< body > part)?

Thanks in advance.

I been sitting for hours with this now and I’m all out of ideas.
Maybe you guys @pstevens or @pgr have an idea of what to do?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Kind regards

Thanks @PowerQuest unfortunately the entire email system is in quite a poor state and in many areas unusable which strongly undermines the SuiteCRM experience. You would think email is as fundamental as it gets but I guess not given how long its been like this.

It’s not my responsibility, but I fixed that page

Well I just remembered that you had mentioned in a previous thread that it should be reported if articles were missing in the documentation @pgr
By the way do you have any ideas on how to fix my issues with the mentioned above where SuiteCRM adds random html code into the email signature?

In my own company instance I have loaded the email template code into the database and it works fine. But on this new instance SuiteCRM does this weird thing with adding its own html code on top of my custom code automatically.


Unfortunately that seems to be the case. SuiteCRM is underfunded and loads of bugs aren´t being fixed. Probably due to lacking funds to do it: SuiteCRM - Open Collective

I solved all of these email string replacement issues for my add-ons, and it’s way too complex to do with just a couple of hacks.

I also added a direct-html option to the Email Compose window, that is missing from SuiteCRM and I can’t even bring myself to attempt any email on SuiteCRM with it changing the stuff I put in.

Hi @pgr
Which add-on of yours do you have in mind for solving my issue above?

That would be PowerReplacer, you can watch the video here

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From my brief foray into emails… it’s extremely complex. You’ d be surprised once you delve into it how many moving parts there are. Every little thing depends on hundreds of other things all working. One change leads to a cascade of changes in other dependent functions.

I totally understand why it’s hard to get people to work on it. One little change leads to hours of detective work to all the other things it ends up breaking.

If @pgr’s plugin solves a bunch of these issues, that’s the way to go!

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Hi guys.
This is a serious flaw in the system and should be fixed in my humble opinion.
Setting a simple thing as a email signaure should be a no brainer as it is in all other CRM system available on the internet.

Its a shame too because it is things like that that make people move on to other systems like SugarCRM, Salesforce, Hubspot etc. and SuiterCRM is good system - but the flaws… are annoying.
Like for example the other tread I made last night about the email short codes are not working:

which is really annoying too. Having multiple sales reps on the system and have to do serveral cloned personalized templates for each sales rep is annoying as hell. :fire:

I’ll take a look later at your plugin @pgr thanks, when i have a free moment for myself.

Thanks guys!

Hey @PowerQuest the issue is… who’s going to fix it? This is Open Source community driven software. Unless someone decides to champion the cause getting to the bottom of this issue (and many others) the choices are:

  1. Fix it yourself and post the fix on Github for the rest of the World to enjoy.
  2. Hire a developer to fix it and post it on Github for the rest of the World to enjoy.
  3. Make a large donation to SalesAgility and earmark it for this issue (I guess) and it will be part of the core for the rest of the World to enjoy.

One reason many people use SuiteCRM (besides the ability to customize and take ownership of their own data), is because the alternatives are incredibly expensive. If you have a medium sized sales team with some customizations required and workflows etc. you’re talking tens of thousands of dollars for something like Salesforce and many thousands of dollars a year in licensing fees.

Somehow, the community either has to do more of #1, #2 or figure out some kind of revenue generation to support #3.

(Personally, I’d prefer if more people did #1, #2, but I also appreciate that the SalesAgility folks have to review, test and push changes to the core, so that’s a big job too).

I don’t know what the answer is, but we all have to pitch in if we use the software. That’s, I guess what I’m trying to say.

The best way for issues to get attention is create an issue on Github. At least it’s logged for anyone who ends up working on that part of the software.

Yep, I understand it all and agree @pstevens .

Its not easy and it is complicated too. I just somethings that I wished that SalesAgility would priotirize like a thing like this. Being able to add email signatures for all members of your team is a quite important thing of a business sales system. Just like these short codes I mentioned is a important thing too for example. But with that comes of course the complexity of what to prioritze first and when there is a limited budget like from my understanding SalesAgility have, it quickly becomes an issue because you do not have manpower of money enought to fix every issue that appears in the system.

I don’t think the email system got into this state over night, its been neglected for a long time over many release generations and therefore gets more complex to fix the longer its left.
If I was a new comer assessing SuiteCRM for my company there is no way I could recommend it to my company in its current state unless that company had no requirement for email communication.
Of course you can rely on an external system/outlook etc although this is counter intuitive and introduces other workflow issues.

I certainly agree with the need for everyone to increase financial support but I would personally love to see a feature freeze and an extended focus on existing bug fixes. If SuiteCRM became stable and reliable on the current feature set I think its take up would begin to increase and lead to more funding.

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True, excellence will always lead to success…

If the system was 100% then surely more people/companies would stay and support itboth with their time and money and donate to the further development of it.

I think that in its current state many attempt to try SuiteCRM, then they hits a few annoying bugs and then leaves for a paid system or semi paid/ free system like for example Hubspot where everything works out of the box flawlessly…

Hubspot’s CRM starter pack is also free - but you wil have to pay later for all the required “goodies” in form of extended features in Hubspot as an example.